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NeuroNaturals 1 oz Roll on

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NeuroNaturals is a unique high potency blend of 9 essential oils combined to help ease neuropathic pain and settle irritated nerves. NeuroNaturals delivers quality results by using only the purest oils:

- Guaranteed pesticide and GMO-free

- To meet higher quality standards of phytotherapy each of our essential oils are guaranteed to be pure, genuine, unadulterated, and of a single species

- Analyzed by GC-MS at an independent European laboratory and results are interpreted by our quality control expert

- All oils are obtained directly from the distillers. Most essential oils are handled by numerous brokers before they reach the consumer

Try applying to temples to reduce symptoms of a headache

For full details on proper application go to my Information page and click on "Homeostatic Nerve Point Chart"  

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