Simple Concepts. Dynamic Results. 

About Us

Performance Rehab Products was founded in 2009 by President and CEO Frank Ripperger. With over 20 years of PT experience, Frank has specialized in Orthopedics throughout most of his career and has recently found a passion for developing simple innovative physical therapy products. Frank started PRP with his first product called the Knee Flexor, a stretching device for the knee. Since then he has increased his product line to include various tools for stretching, mobilization, pain reduction and traction. Frank enjoys developing new innovative products however he admits nothing is more gratifying then helping another person feel better. "There is no greater pleasure then ridding someone of pain!"  Frank's mission with PRP is to develop and sell quality products that help the therapist do their job more effectively, with less strain on the body, at a reasonable price, provide great customer service and stand behind every product 100%.

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