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MyoDerm Kinesio Tape

Posted on July 08, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 0 comments

MyoDerm Epi-Tape is a top choice for kinesiology tape when considering 3 factors, quality, effectiveness and cost. It has superior quality cotton and acrylic adhesive making it as effective as the top brands at a significantly lower price point. I personally sampled and tested 6 of the top manufacturers in Korea where the best tapes are made against the top 3 major brands in the US and that is how I came up with MyoDerm. In my trials I found the differences in the top quality tapes to be nominal to be honest with you. MyoDerm is equal or better in every way to the top brand..I think most serious K tapers will know which brand I am referring to? Is my tape as cool looking as the other brands...no! Is my branding a bit boring...maybe? But just like anything else, you're paying for marketing and not necessarily the best product! My tape is $12 a roll and the top brand charges $18 for the similar tape. When I say similar I am referring to quality, longevity, stretch percentage and stickiness.  And no I don't sell 10 different colors, fancy designs and all kinds of precuts but this is by choice. I am a certified practitioner and believe it or not my instructor who worked for the largest Kinesio tape company was not a fan precuts and here's the reason. You can't make a precut fit everyone. It's impossible to tape someone that is 6'5" and take the same precut and tape someone 5'8" and expect to cover the same treatment area...that's just common sense. As for colors I did a survey and chose the three best and most widely used colors available.

Another point I would  like to make is I am not solely a tape company as are most of the big brands. This is why I am not pouring money into marketing like they are because I have other products to stock. I just want to sell a product that is comparable or better quality then the big three brands for less money. I give discounts for larger orders and I back my products 100%. There are a lot of options for kinesiology tape out there so I have one suggestion for you to think about before you make your next purchase. Don't get caught up in what looks cool because you're paying for that professional athlete and cool branding and not necessarily the best tape! I would love some feedback






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