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If you are a therapist that utilizes IASTM treatment in your clinic and you use the traditional creams as a lubricant than I urge you to take a look at OrthoNaturals. OrthoNaturals is a multi use essential oil blend that serves as a lubricant but also provides other qualities to your treatment. This oil was specifically formulated to decrease bruising, and muscle soreness, increase blood flow, and reduce nerve and muscular pain. One of the nicest benefits of using oil over cream is that the oil does not build up on the blade as it does with cream. Doesn't it get annoying when you have to keep flipping the tool over to wipe the cream back onto the treatment area over and over? You spend half your time wiping and not actually administering the treatment. Oil stays on the skin  and will absorb into the skin to add more benefit to the treatment. Look, I sell OrthoNaturals so I am going to boast about it, it's my formula and I'm proud of it! However I won't sell anything I don't believe in wholeheartedly! I will break it down very simply, do you want to use cream with no medicinal properties and build up on the blade that requires constant wiping over the treatment area? Or, use essential oils that are proven to have positive healing effects on the body plus increasing the actual treatment time by having the blade working the tissue and less wiping off the build up. It's not rocket science, It just makes sense!
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